Northwoods Subdivision

Housing Projects

Project Reference:
Warner Road Joint Venture Group
Bolton, MA 01740

Project Schedule:
Design 2001 – 2005

Key Personnel:
Lawrence Ducharme, P.L.S., Principal
Gregory Roy, P.E., Project Manager
Brandon Ducharme, R.S., Wetland Specialist

Personnel at Ducharme & Dillis Civil Design Group, Inc. completed the following design components for the 107 acre, 36 lot farmland open space planned residential development project located in Bolton: property survey, soil testing, lot configuration, 5,000 foot road layout, closed drainage system and naturally vegetated detention basins. On-site sewage disposal systems were designed for the 36 individual lots.

A special permit was required from the Bolton Planning Board and an Order of Conditions was required from the Conservation Commission. Board of Health review and approval of each of the individual on-site sewage disposal systems was also required.

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