Bolton Housing Authority

Housing Projects

Project Reference:
Bolton Housing Authority
Bolton, MA 01740

Project Schedule:
1998 – 2004 Permitting & Construction

Key Personnel:
Lawrence Ducharme, P.L.S., Principal
Craig Martin, P.E., Project Manager
Brandon Ducharme, R.S., Wetland Specialist

Ducharme & Dillis Civil Design Group, Inc. completed the design and the permitting for the 28 unit senior residential housing project in Bolton. Design elements for the 15 acre site included, access driveway layout, building placement, parking, grading, drainage design including detention ponds and the design of a 4,300 gallon per day re-circulating sand filter and pressure distribution on-site sewage disposal system. Permitting of a public water supply system was included.

Permits, approvals and an Order of Conditions were required with the Town of Bolton, Zoning Boards of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Board of Health and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

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